Terex CC 2200 - Wagenborg Nedlift

The Terex CC 2200 of Wagenborg Nedlift was used by a construcion site of a small power plant in Emlichheim (DE).

It is a 350 tonne crawler crane that could be fitted with a superlift.

At first a truck is unloaded, it is a 38 tonne part for the plant.

The crane is 8.45 metres wide and the tracks are 10.25 metres long.

It is possible to attach extra outriggers on the tracks to become more stability for putting up longer booms without superlift.

Fitted with 140 tonnes of upper weights.

And per site 20 tonnes of lower weights, 40 tonnes in total.

Fitted with 36 metres of main boom and a 30 metre luffing jib. The max. configuration is 72 + 72 or 84 + 84 in superlift.

The boom adjustmentcable of the main boom.

And the two hoist winches, only one was used.

A detail of the luffing jib adjustment.

The tailswing is 7.1 metres.

With thanks to the driver for his proper coffee.

Part 2

The Terex CC 2200 of Wagenborg Nedlift was used by the lifting of tower sections for offshore windmill on a factory yard in Bremen (DE).

It is a 350 tonne crawler crane that is here used with the superlift boom. The crane is standing on a plateau that was built for this job.

The first load is with help of a double coupled SPMT module of Kronschnabel Franke driven to the crane. It is the base tower sections of a windturbine tower and will be set directly on the monopile and weights about 170 tonnes.

The piece will be loaded in a ship and will continue its trip by water to Bremerhaven (DE), there the piece will be unloaded.

The CC 2200 is put up with 54 meters of main boom and 30 meters of superlift. Here is the superlift counterweight already attached.

The superlift radius is adjustable from 9 to 15 meters. Here is about 70 tonnes of superlift counterweight in use, with a maximum of 200 tonnes.

Here is the next piece. Fresh from the paint department.

This part will be tilted with help of a Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 of Kronschnabel Franke and weights about 150 tonnes.

In the background is a Krøll K 5000S tower crane put up with a maximum capacity of 250 tonnes up to a 19.6 meter radius and 55 tonnes up to 60 meters. This tower crane will take over the job of the Terex.

The Terex is put up with 140 tonnes of counterweight and 40 tonnes of lower weights.

After the tower is set on the transport frame, it will be loaded again on the SPMT modules to get driven to the location where it will be finished.

The impressive 7-sheave hookblock was reefed on 13 parts.

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