BPR tower cranes

Type: BPR GT 431B
Location: Brussels (BE)
Date: December 2011
Type: BPR GT 329
Location: Delfzijl (NL)
Date: June 2012
Type: BPR GT 431B
Location: Farmsum (NL)
Date: June 2012
Types: BPR GT 217 B and BPR GT 229 C
Location: Hinwil (CH)
Date: June 2015
Type: BPR GT 222
Location: Buchrain (CH)
Date: July 2016
Type: BPR-Cadillon GT 1160
Location: Lochau (AT)
Date: August 2017
Type: BPR GT 222 C2
Location: Weiningen (CH)
Date: September 2018
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