Zoomlion ZCC1000V - Marinteknik

In March 2022 took Marinteknik from Singapore (SG) this sharp Zoomlion ZCC1000V into operation, it is a 100-tonne crawler crane.

Marinteknik is part of the Bok Seng group. The crane is primary used for lifting duties on the yard where boats are maintained.

The undercarriage is in crane operation 5.1 meters wide and can be reduced in width to 3.4 meters for transport over the road. The tracks are approx. 6 meters long.

Attached to the undercarriage are on both sides counterweight blocks with each a mass of 4.5 tonnes installed, in total 9 tonnes of central counterweight.

The crane is powered by a Weichai WP7G270E301, a 7.47 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 199 kW.

Attached to the superstructure is 34.5 tonnes of counterweight with a 4.6 meter tailswing. The counterweight exisits out of a 4.5 tonnes base plate with on top five plates with each a mass of 6 tonnes.

The crane is fitted with two 12-tonne hoist winches.

The main boom has a 13 meter base length and can be extended to a maximum length of 64 meters in 3 meter steps.

Here is the crane fitted with a 40 meter long main boom. In this configuration is the crane able to hoist maximum 33.9 tonnes on a 9 meter radius or 5.3 tonnes on a 36 meter radius.

Attached to the main boom is a small runner for the small hook. A very sharp crane of Marinteknik!

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