Bauer BG 18 H - Meier + Jäggi

Meier +Jäggi from Zofingen (CH) was using this Bauer BG 18 H drilling rig by the extension of a highway near Zürich (CH).

The Bauer BG 18 H has a Bauer BT 50 undercarriage powered by a 186 kW CAT C7 diesel engine. The rig has a mass of around 53 tonnes.

The undercarriage is 4.75 meters long and 4.2 meters wide, for the transport over the road is the undercarriage up to 3 meters retracktable.

The counterweight has a 3.2 meter tailswing.

The Bauer KDK 180 K rotary drive has a 177 kNm torque. The maximum drilling diameter is 1.5 meters and the maximum depth is 45.45 meters.

The leader has a maximum working height of 17.25 meters and a total height of 19.13 meters. For the transport over the road the leader can be folded backwards. The rig can be transported as one unit with a maximum height of 3.4 meters and a 50 tonne mass.

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