Bauer BG 36 - PST Spezialtiefbau Süd

A Bauer BG 36 drilling rig of PST Spezialtiefbau Süd from Stuttgart (DE) on a big construction site in Neckarsulm (DE). Fully rigged this rig has a mass of about 127 tonnes.

This drilling rig is fitted with a kelly drill, we don't see this a lot in the Netherlands, but is Germany it is common. With this method is with use of an auger a hole drilled in the ground. This hole is lateron filled with rebar and concrete. With the BG 36 holes can be drilled up to a 68 meter depth.

The rig is fitted with a KSK 367 S rotary drive, with a max. torque moment of 367 kNm. The rotary drive can be pulled down with a force of 400 kN.

The base of the drilling rig is a Sennebogen BS 80 base carrier. This is existing out of the undercarriage, uppercarriage with cab and the counterweight. The rest of the drilling construction is built by Bauer from Schrobenhausen (DE). In the base carrier is laying a Caterpiller C15 dieselengine with 354 kW power.

The undercarriage is 5.68 meters long and 4.6 meters wide. The tracks are with hydraulics, for the transport, adjustable at only 3.4 meters. On the undercarriage is a heavy coupling made for the hydraulic oscillator when is drilled with a guiding tube.

The rig has 21.1 tonnes of counterweight and a tailswing of 4.53 meters.

The complete drilling rig, the rig has a height of 24.24 meters.

The leader has a length of 19.5 meters and is adjustable with hydraulic cylinders.

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