Bauer BG 28 H - TWF

A Bauer BG 28 H of TWF from Vienna (AT) on a large construction site in Ulm (DE) where piles are drilled for a new bridge.

It is a drilling rig built on a Sennebogen BS 80 base machine. The leader assembly is made by Bauer from Schrobenhausen (DE). This rig has year of manufacture 2013. The undercarriage is 4.5 meters wide.

A nice detail of the kelly drill assembly. By kelly drilling is an auger, possibly guided by a tube, drilled into the ground. The ground is digged out and the hole is filled with rebar and concrete. On the leader are three winches build, the crowd winch, the pull winch and an auxiliary winch.

The Bauer BG 28 H weights fully assembled about 96 tonnes. The rotary drive is a Bauer KDK 275 S with a torque moment of 273 kN/m by 9 rotations per minute.

The leader is about 20 meters long and can be extended by a 2 meter intermediate section. For the transport over the road is it possible to strech the leader head hydraulically.

The counterweight weights 15.5 tonnes and has a 4.7 meter tailswing.

Driven is the machine by a CAT C15 engine with 354 kW (480 hp).

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