MAN TGX 41.540 - Bau-Trans

This sharp MAN TGX 41.540 of Bau-Trans from Lauterach (AT) stood together with a Scania R 560 of Bau-Trans along the motor way 9 somewhere in Germany. The transport was on the move to a German port in the north.

The TGX 41.540 is powered by a MAN D2676, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a 12.4 liter stroke and 540 hp. The truck has a maximum weight of 41 tonnes. The truck has a reinforced bumper with register coupling so that it is also possible to push and brake other transports.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank and a large storage compartment installed. In front of the diesel tank are the spare-wheel and a tool-box positioned. Below the diesel tank are some compressed-air tanks installed. Behind the front axle are the muffler and a storage compartment made.

Attached is a 6-axle Goldhofer semi low loader.

The cargo is a track of a new Liebherr LR 11000 that is on the move to Japan. The truck is 12.89 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2,47 meters high. The transport mass is 60 tonnes.

A sharp combination, where the truck still has the original Bau-Trans colours and the trailer already has the colours of the mother company Felbermayr.

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