MAN TGX 41.540 - Bedmet

A small convoi with Bedmet trucks stood near the dutch / german border on the A67 near Venlo (NL). The biggest combination was existing out of this MAN TGX 41.540 with 4 axle lowloader.

Bedmet is from Opole (PL) and is one of the biggest polish heavy haulage companies. The trucks is driven by a 12.4 liter diesel engine with 540 hp.

The two rear axles are driven. Behind the cab is a large diesel tank made, above the tank is the airco mounted. Between the first two axles are the battery and the Adbluetank made.

Attached is a 4 axle Faymonville MegaMAX lowloader.

The load is a Kalmar reachstacker with the boom removed due the height.

Because of the width are these transport in Germany only allowed to drive at night, escorted by the police.

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