MAN TGX 41.680 - Kahl Schwerlast

A special 5-axle version MAN TGX 41.680, that is custommized for the company Kahl Schwerlast from Duisburg (DE).

It is a 5-axle truck that by MAN self (or a partner) is changed. The last 9-tonne axle was added. The axles 1, 2 an 5 are steered, axles 3 and 4 are driven.

Goal of the fifth axle is to get a higher load on the fifth wheel, that was increased to 30.3 tonnes (against 26.8 for the 4-axle unit). The mass of the 5-axle truck is 16 tonnes.

The truck has a 9.3 meter length. Behind the cab is the standard TGX heavylift tower made, with a large fuel tank, hyraulic tank, airbarrels and a big cooler.

The oversized tube as load is showing the advantage of the 5-axle truck, the load is directly supported on the fifth wheel. At the rear is the tube supporting on a 4-axle Fayminville dolly.

By a 3 or 4-axle truck is a trailer required where the tube will be loaded on, what is increasing the length of the transport.

On the rear of the chassis are two big couplings mounted, where the dolly will be attacht to on the way back home. The truck can also beeing used as a ballasted pull- or brake vehicle. Then a big ballastbox is put on the chassis which increases the mass of the truck to 44 tonnes. Transports up to 500 tonnes are now permissable.

An interessting truck that I could photograph on the border by Venlo (NL).

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