MAN TGX 26.400 - Kees Koopman

A sharp MAN TGX 26.400 of Kees Koopman from Opmeer (NL).

Coupled to the truck is an 1-axle Zwalva lowloader with a bed height of only 35 cm.

It is a 3-axle truck with 400 hp, only the middle axle is driven, the front- and rear axle are steerable. The knuckleboom crane is a Palfinger PK 50002-EH - a 50 mt crane.

The load is an accommodation that will be used as temporary canteen for the tennisclub in Opmeer (NL).

The truck is set up next to the lowloader.

The mass of the unit is about 3.5 tonnes.

The max. capacity of the knuckleboom is 13.8 tonnes. The max. reach is 21 meters where still 1.48 tonnes are lifted.

The company also owns a MAN TGX truck with 100 mt knuckleboom crane in the extensive fleet.

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