MAN TGX 41.680 - E. Lafeber

The MAN TGX 41.680 of E. Lafeber from Gouda in the harbour of Oude Zeug (NL) to transport some wind mill parts.

The tracktor is deliverd in the summer of 2008. The engine is a 16 litre V8 with 680 hp and 2700 Nm.

The heavy Scheurle module trailer is composed here to a 6 axle lowloader. Another 4 axle lines are loaded on the bed.

The first load is a wind mill foot, it was loaded on top of the axle lines.

It looks a bit strange, this way of loading, but it is very useful for traffic islands.

In the small village Kreileroord (NL) are the streetlights carfully passed.

The next day, the other 4 axle lines were also mounted for the heavier (and longer) parts.

The way to the construction site doesn't have any height barriers, only some narrow curves.

The beautiful combination is escorted by Mr. Frits Snel.

The combination loaded with a 90 tonne railway-bridge.

Loaded on a 4-axle trailer and 6-axle dolly.

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