MAN TGX 33.560 - Mediaco

For the transport of the counterweight and the outrigger pads of the Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 is Mediaco from Rheinau (DE) using this imposing MAN TGX 33.560 with 5-axle semi low loader.

The truck is powered by a MAN D38, a 15.2-liter 6-cylinder line engine. The engine supplies 560 hp and has a torque of 2,700 Nm.

Behind the front axle are the muffler and diesel tank installed. Behind the cabin are multiple cabinets installed.

The truck has two driven rear axles. The truck is equipped leaf springs.

On this side are behind the front axle the AdBlue tank, battery, compressed-air tanks and a small storage compartment made. Remarkable is the large wheel base for a 6x4-truck.

A 5-axle Nooteboom MANOOVR MPL semi low loader is attached.

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