MAN TGX 41.540 - Spedition Müller

A MAN TGX 41.540 of Spedition Müller from Werl (DE) parked along the german Autobahn A61.

It is a 4-axle truck with 540 hp. It is a 160 tonne tracktor with a 13 tonne mass and a 41 max. load (28 tonnes on the fifth wheel).

The wheelbase is 2.6 + 1.45 + 1.4 meters.

Behind the cab is a 760 liter fueltank placed, above are some boxes mounted. The truck has a WSK 440 torque converter.

On the truck is a 2-axle Faymonville lowloader coupled.

The load is an oversized box with destination Abidjan (CI) and has a mass of 11.52 tonnes.

Spedition Müller is also a lot on the move in East-Europe and Russia, they also have a branch in St. Petersburg (RU).

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