MAN TGX 41.680 - Transportes Vicuña

A beautiful MAN TGX 41.680 of Transportes Vicuña parked on a parking just outside of Pamplona (ES).

It is a 680 HP truck with a V8 engine and 16.2 litre displacement. The engine has a max. torque of 2700 Nm (1000-1700/min).

The truck has a 7.7 meter length, a 2.5 meter width and is 3.8 meters height. The trucks weights 14.2 tonnes and with the load on the fifth wheel (26.8) the max. weight of 41 tonnes is reached. The gross combination weight is 250 tonnes.

Behind the cab are a big fuel tank (960 litre), a hydraulic fluid tank (300 litre), air barrels and a big cooling system for the hydraulic fluids made.

The trailer is also very special, it is a 6-axle Nicolas lowloader, designed to transport rail way vehicles, something where Transportes Vicuña is spezialized in. The company owns several Nicolas trailers, but this is the biggest one.

Remarkable are the spanisch and the dutch ZZ-licence plates.

A very sharp truck, that is mainly used for special transports of rail way vehicles!

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