MAN TGX 53.540 - Wipfli

Wipfli from Flüelen (CH) is operating since 2013 this interesting MAN TGX 53.540. A 5-axle heavy haulage truck with 10x4/6 drive line that was custom built by Toni Maurer from Türkheim (DE). The truck was a few years ago used to transport very heavy steel cables together with Feldmann.

The truck is powered by a MAN D2676 LF06, a 12.4 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 397 kW (540 hp) and a maximum torque of 2,500 Nm. The truck has two driven rear axles and three steerable front axles. A 5-axle truck is required to transport the loads which are getting more heavier, because Wipfli is also working a lot in the mountains, also a very maneuverable truck was required.

Because Wipfli already knew in advance the truck can't be utilized all the time for heavy transports, the fifth wheel can be removed and a thermal silo for liquid tarmac can be intstalled on the chassis. Instead of the fifth wheel a roller bearing can be installed also, which is in use here.

Because between the axles wasn't any space left, the diesel tank, AdBlue tank, hydraulic oil tank, battery, compressed-air tanks, muffler and storage compartment are installed behind the cabin. The red frame over the cabin is removable and is taking care here that the steel cable, which is loaded over the cabin, doesn't damage it.

Attached is a 4-axle dolly that is connected by a transport frame to the truck. The cargo is a large cable real with a mass of approx. 54 tonnes. The other part of the cable is transported on a differnt truck in front of the MAN. This way of transporting a cable is done multiple times are year by Wipfli, sometimes even with a train from three combinations!

The dolly was produced by Kraemer Fahrzeugbau. The two front axles are steerable, the two rear axles are rigid.

Between the truck and the dolly is a transport frame for cable reels installed. The frame was in cooperation between Wipfli and Gipo designed and produced. With it's own motor the cable real can be loaded and unloaded with the trailer itself. The maximum capacity of the transport frame is 70 tonnes.

Closing with some photos made during the transport. A very special combination that was tailor made for Wipfli for their own special purposes!

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