Volvo FMX 500 - S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor

This sharp Volvo FMX 500 of S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor from Singapore (SG) ist fitted with a large Effer 2255 lorry crane.

The truck is powered by a Volvo D13K, a 12.8 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 375 kW (500 hp). The truck has an 8x4-drive line, where the both rear axles are powered. The truck is fitted with a day cab.

The Effer 2255 is the largest delivered lorry crane by Effer in Singapore and has a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tonnes on a 4.4 meter radius or 4.16 tonnes on a 23.76 meter radius. The crane has a selfweight of approx. 18 tonnes.

Because of the size of the crane is it parked parallel with the truck's chassis, the truck can't bring any cargo.

The outrigger base of the crane is in the front and rear is 11 meters wide. On top of the rear outriggers are the four large outrigger pads stored.

Around the vehicle are multiple storage compartments made to store tools and rigging.

With the jib is the reach extended to 49.57 meters where the crane can still lift 400 kg. A maximum lifting height of approx. 50 meters can be reached also, the crane can there also lift approx. 400 kg.

A very sharp and interesting vehicle by S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor!

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