Kato MR-200Ri - Smith

This Kato MR-200Ri belongs to Smith from Christchurch (NZ) and was used on a construction site in Auckland (NZ). Smith is the largest rental company of various crane types in New Zealand and is deploying cranes up to a 1,200 tonne lifting capacity. Two of these 20-tonne Kato cranes are in operation.

The main boom has a 6.5 meter base length and extends five times to a maximum length of 28 meters. This crane is using two hooks in operation, attached to the main boom head is a small runner.

In transit is the crane 8.71 meters long, 2.29 meters wide and 3.21 meters tall. The crane has a total mass of 19.7 tonnes.

The crane is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7-4A, a 6.7 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 175 kW. The crane can reach a driving speed of 49 km/h on the road.

Below the main boom is the jib stowed, the jib has a length of 4 or 5.8 meters and can be mounted under a 7, 25, 45 or 60 degree angle to the main boom.

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