Sany is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction machinery world wide. It was founded in 1989 by Liang Wengen, Tang Xiugou, Mao Zhongwu and Yuan Jinhua as a construction company. In 1991 was the name changed to Sany, the name Sany comes from the english pronounce of the chinese word Sanyi what means "three ones", it references to the three "first-class" visions of the company: to build a first-class company, to motivate first-class employees and to make first-class contributions to the society. The company logo references to these expresions and is made out of three ones. Sany has several companies spread over the world. About 90,000 employees are working at Sany, that is manufacturing wind turbines as well.

Sany SCC500E

Knol (NL)

Van 't Hek (NL)

Van 't Hek (NL)

Sany SCC900E

Navayuga (QA)

Sany SCC2600A

Hiap Tong (SG)

Sany STC500


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