Sennebogen is founded in 1952 by Mr. Erich Sennebogen at the age of 21. The first products were machines for the agriculture, quicly followed by dung loaders - this concept was quickly developed to mecanical cable cranes. In 1960 is the 1000st machine livered. In 1969 is the first hydraulic cable crane made followed by the "Spezial Traegergeraete" in 1984. Those are base machines that can be finished by the customer as drilling rig. In 1994 is the first telescopic crane built on a 2-axle wheeled undercarriage. In 1998 was the 6180 introduced, the first 200 tonne crane. On the Bauma 2010 Sennebogen introduced their 300 tonne crawler crane, type 7700. Since the company was founded, it is located in the German place Staubing.

Sennebogen S 1020 M

Aumann (DE)

Sennebogen S 1225 M

Kurt Motz (DE)

Sennebogen 612 R

Sennebogen 613 M

Sennebogen 620 HD

Sennebogen 625 M

Max Bögl (DE)

Sennebogen 630 R

Sennebogen 643 R

Sennebogen 660 HD

Sennebogen 670 R

Boer B.V. (NL)

Cluysenaar (NL)

Roy Boerties (NL)

Sennebogen 673 R

Haegens (NL)

Methabau (CH)

Sennebogen 683 R

Kibag (CH)

Sennebogen 3300


Sennebogen 4400

Sennebogen 5500

Bremer (DE)

Sarens (NL)

Sarens (NL)

Sindorf (NL)

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