Bauer BG 9

This Bauer BG 9 of an unknown company was used in Biberach an der Riss (DE) for kelly drilling on a smaller construction site.

The drilling rig is based on an O&K RH 9 undercarriage whereof the first part of the stick was shortened. On that a leader was made. The cab and undercarriage weren't changed. It was also possible to use other excavators as base.

The rig is driven by a 136 kw / 170 hp Deutz engine.

The drilling rig is fitted with a 93.4 kNm rotary drive, tubes up to a 1.2 meter diameter can be drilled with the rig.

The crowd pull force and main pull force are both having a 150 kN capacity.

Because in the upperstructure wasn't enough place for the winches, the winches are made on the short boom (below) and on the leader. It are the crowd winch, pull winch and an auxiliary winch.

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