Bauer BG 24 H - G&R Spezialtiefbau

This sharp Bauer BG 24 H of G&R Spezialtiefbau from Aalen (DE) stood on a construction site near Ringschnait (DE) to drill piles for the foundation of a new bridge.

The rig's year of manufacture is 2017.

The rig is powered by a CAT C13, a diesel engine with a power of 354 kW. The engine powers in total four hydraulic pumps.

Here is the rig fitted with 12.3 tonnes of counterweight, the tailswing is 4.3 meters.

The undercarriage is 5.34 meters long and 4.38 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the breadth of the undercarriage adjustable to only 2.98 meters. The tracks have a width of 0.7 meters.

In the leader is hanging a Bauer KDK 280 rotary drive with a maximum drilling moment of 277 kNm. Attached to the leader feet are the winches.

The leader has a maximum height of 21.83 meters. The leader is adjustable 5 degree forwards, 15 degrees backwards and 8 degrees sidewards.

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