Bauer BG 28 H - i+R Spezialtiefbau

A shap Bauer BG 28 H from the Premium Line of i+R Spezieltiefbau from Lauterach (AT) was erected on a construction project for new homes at the Lake of Constance to drill piles.

It is a drilling rig with a total mass of around 85 tonnes from year of manufacture 2017.

The drilling rig is fitted on the BT 85 base machine. The undercarriage is 5.43 meters long and 4.38 meters wide. For the transport over the road is it possible to retrack the tracks, the transport width is then only 2.98 meters. The tracks are 0.7 meters wide.

The rig is powered by a CAT C 13 diesel engine with a power of 354 kW.

Here is the drilling rig fitted with 24.5 tonnes of counterweight, the counterweight has a 4.3 meter tailswing.

At the base of the leader are three winches mounted, the pull-up and down winch, the lifting winch and the auxiliary winch.

With the chosen drilling method is a pile under high pressure and torque drilled into the ground. When the correct depth is reached, the pile will be drilled out in oposite direction. During this stage, the hollow stem in the ground is filled with concrete. Usually the tip of the pile is a lost part and will remain in the ground at the bottom of the pile. A piece of rebar reinforcement can only be insered once the pile is fully removed.

The rig is erected here with a leader of approx. 34 meters. A very sharp machine!

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