Bauer BG 34 H - Perner Spezialtiefbau

Perner Spezialtiefbau from Delitzsch (DE) was using this sharp Bauer BG 34 H to drill piles along the highway 8 near Ulm (DE).

The rig has an operational weight of approx. 101 tonnes and the rig's year of manufacture is 2017.

The base machine is a a Bauer BS 95 and is powered by a 403 kW-strong Caterpillar C15.

The undercarriage UW 110 is 5.68 meters long and 4.6 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the width of the undercarriage reduced to 3.4 meters. The truck plates are 800 mm wide.

The counterweight exists out of five slabs with each 4.9 tonnes and has a total weight of 24.5 tonnes, the tailswing is 4.64 meters.

The leader is 21.1 meters long and the maximum height if 25.6 meters. The leader can be tilted 15 degrees rearwards, 5 degrees forwards and 5 degrees sideways to drill piles. For the transport over the road is the leader folded backwards. The leader can be partially dismantled also, to reduce the transport mass.

In the leader is hanging a Bauer KDK 340 S rotary haed with a maximum torque of 342 kNm, here in use to drill kelly piles.

The drilling rig has three winches which are attached to the leader, a 40-tonne pull-down winch, a 29-tonne main winch and an 8-tonne auxiliary winch.

A very sharp rig!

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