Bauer BG 40 - PST Spezialtiefbau Süd

A Bauer BG 40 drilling rig of PST Spezialtiefbau Süd from Stuttgart (DE) on a big construction site in Neckarsulm (DE). Fully rigged this rig has a mass of about 142 tonnes.

The drilling rig is fitted with a Bauer KDK 390 S rotary drive for kelly drilling. The rotary drive has a max. torque moment of 390 kNm by 8 rpm or 50 kNm by 60 rpm. Holes with a diameter of 3 meters can be drilled with this rig.

Between the tracks is a connection made for the hydraulic oscillator when is drilled with a guiding tube. The holes have then a max. diameter of 2.5 meters.

The total height of the rig is about 27 meters. The leader is 22.5 meters long. The holes have a max. depth of 80.4 meters.

The tracks are 6 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.29 meters heigh. For the transport they can be retrackted or removed, they weight then 14.5 tonnes each.

Fitted with 24 tonnes of counterweight with a 4.65 meter tailswing.

Over the leader head are two hoist cables reefed, one with the kelly drill attached and a second winch for lifting.

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