Junttan was founded in 1976 in Kuopio, Finland. Junttan not only builds piling rigs, also hammers, power packs and drilling heads. The first rig is built in 1979. The wel-known PM 20 is built since 1983 and one jear later the first rig was exported. In 2000 a completly new construction hall was built where in 2007 the 1000th hydraulic hammer was built and a year later the 500th piling rig. In 2010 was the PMx20 introduced as succeser for the PM 20. The biggest product is the PM 30 with a mass of 110 tonnes.
Website: www.junttan.com

Junttan PM 16


Junttan PM 18-30

Junttan PM 20 (LC)

Junttan PM 25 (HLC/LC)

Boer B.V. (NL)

De Waal (BE)

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