Scania was founded in 1891 in Malmö (SE). Started was with the production of bicycles, followed by cars and also the first trucks around 1905. In 1911 the company fuses with the other Swedish manufacuter of cars and trucks Vabis to Scania-Vabis. In 1968 was fused with car- and airplane manufacturer Saab, the name was changed to Saab-Scania. In 1995 the company was splitted and Scania proceded alone. Volkswagen becomes owner for 90.5% of Scania in 2014. The current products are trucks, busses and (ship) engines. The main office is located in Södertälje (SE) and offers work for around 45,000 employees world wide.

Scania 124 G 420

Scania 124 G 500

Scania 124 L 470

Scania 143 E 500

Strecker (DE)

Scania 144 G 460

Scania 164 G 480

Scania G 450


Scania G 490

Scania P 380

Atracciones M.A. (ES)

Scania P 400

Scania P 420

Scania P 450

Scania R 410

Scania R 420

Hup Hin (SG)

Huter (AT)

Scania R 480

Felbermayr (AT)

Freher (CH)

Scania R 490

Scania R 500

Fried-Sped (DE)

KingTrans (NL)

Strychacz (PL)

Wiesbauer (DE)


Scania R 520

Scania R 560

Bau-Trans (AT)

Brenner (DE)

Dornbierer (CH)

Felbermayr (AT)

Scania R 580

Scania R 620

Brenner (DE)

Dornbierer (CH)

Fried-Sped (DE)

Glogau (DE)


Scania R 730

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