Scania R 480 - Spedition Bender

A Scania R 480 of Spedition Bender from Freudenberg (DE) stood with a 3 axle low loader parked along the A61 near to Peppenhoven (DE).

It is a 3 axle truck with 6x2 drive line, only the rear axle is driven. The engine is a 12.7 liter Scania DC13 engine that supplies here 480 hp.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue tank and a hydraulic oil tank mounted. On the other side is here the diesel tank mounted.

Attached is a 3 axle Faymonville MegaMAX low loader with gooseneck with outer beams.

The oversized box is 5.8 meters long, 2.8 meters wide and 4.15 meters high. The mass with 3.2 tonnes is for the Scania not a big challenge.

A sharp combination!

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