Volvo was founded as a subsidiary of SKF (the ball bearing manufacturer) in 1915. First in 1924 the idea to built a car, for the rough roads and cold temperaturs in Sweden, was carried out by a sales man and an engineer of SKF. In 1927 the first car leaves the factory, followed by the first truck one year later. Volvo means "I roll" and refereces to the ball bearings of SKF. To Volvo Trucks belong Renault, Mack and UD Trucks (Nissan Diesel Trucks), these are subsidiaries and mostly parts are exchanged. Next to trucks is the Volvo Group also producing construction machinery, busses, diesel engines and cars. In the meantime Volvo is now one of the biggest truck manufacturers in the world and produces about 100,000 trucks per year.

Volvo FH 400

Westdijk (NL)

Volvo FH 460

Van Wieren (DE)

Volvo FH 480

Volvo FH 500

John Toneman (NL)

Negele (LI)

P&K (NL)

Rensink (NL)

Volvo FH 520


Bolk (NL)

Castañosa (ES)

Max Wild (DE)

Volvo FH 540

Baetsen (NL)

Ehrmann Nah + Fernverkehr GmbH (DE)

Hämmerle (AT)

Volvo FH16 580

ADM Team Heavy Weight (BE)

Max Wild (DE)

Max Wild (DE)

Volvo FH16 600

Castañosa (ES)

Volvo FH16 650

Volvo FH16 660

Te Kloeze Bruyl (NL)

Te Kloeze Bruyl (NL)

Tiroltrans (IT)

Volvo FH16 700

Volvo FH16 750

ADM Team Heavy Weight (DE)

ADM Team Heavy Weight (DE)

Brenner (DE)

Centrans (PL)

Felbermayr (AT)

Max Wild (DE)

Panas (PL)

Ploj (SI)

Schoones (NL)

Vijator (RS)

Vijator (RS)

Wocken (DE)

Volvo FL12

Vroom (NL)

Volvo FM 460

Volvo FM 500

Van 't Hek (NL)

Vroom (NL)

Volvo FMX 460

Volvo VNL 670

F.S.B. (NL)

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