Volvo FH 540 - Pultrum

This sharp Volvo FH 540 of Pultrum from Rijssen (NL) could be photographed on the yard or neighbour and colleague P&K. It is a 4-axle truck with heavy lorry crane that is equipped here with a small loading platform above the rear axles.

The truck is powered by a Volvo D13C, a 12.8-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 396 kW (540 hp). The truck has an 8x4-drive line, the first and last axles are steerable.

Behind the first axle are the battery, compressed-air tanks and a dieseltank installed. The truck is equipped with a trailer coupling at the rear tot tow trailers. The loading platform is connected to the chassis by twist-locks for easy assembly.

Behind the cabin is a large Palfinger PK 92002-SH F lorry crane with PJ 170 E jib installed. The crane can maximum lift 26 meters, or 17.8 tonnes on a 4 meter radius and 1.1 tonnes on a 30 meter radius.

The outriggers next to the crane have a maximum breadth of 8.6 meters. Behind the rear axles are another set of outriggers installed for an improved stability over the rear of the chassis.

On this side are behind the front axle the Euro 6 muffler, a smaller dieseltank and the AdBluetank installed.

A single outrigger is attached to the front for improved stability forwards. A very sharp vehicle of Pultrum!

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