Demag means Deutsche Maschinenfabrik AG. In 1827 Dinglerwerke was founded in Zweibruecken (DE) by Christian Dingler. In 1890 lifting machines were built for the local mining industry. The Dinglerwerke was in 1954 overtaken by the DEMAG AG group, what was overtaken by Terex in 2002. In 1950 the first crane with telescopic boom was built, max. capacity 2.5 tonnes. In 1956 followed by the first all-terrain crane worldwide with a 12 tonne capacity. In 2016 was the brandname Demag relaunched again and in 2019 was the brand Demag sold to Tadano. In 2021 was anounced that Tadano will quit with the brand Demag.

Demag AC-series

Demag B-series

Demag CC-series

Demag TC-series

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