Demag AC 1200 - BKF

Demag AC 1200 of BKF parked during a weeking in Amsterdam (NL).

It was the biggest crane from BKF since 1995, on the photos is the crane already 16 years old. Meanwhile belongs this crane to Sarens and is used in Mexico.

The crane is 18.5 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters height. The mass is 84 tonnes.

It was possible to lower the counterweight at the font side, but also on the rear side of the crane. The max. counterweight is 122 tonnes with a 6.3 meter tailswing.

Special is the K-shape outrigger base. The outrigger base is 10.5 x 10 meters.

The boom has a max. length of 57.9 meters. Extendable with a 19 metre folding jib, 54 meter fixed jib or a 78 meter luffing jib.

The ballast truck is this DAF XF 105.460 with 6 axle flatbed trailer, loaded with 39 tonnes of counterweight, frame and outrigger pads.

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