Demag AC 200 - J. Brouwer & Zn.

The Demag AC 200 of J. Brouwer & Zn. from Nieuwegein (NL) is used to erect a tower crane in Heerhugowaard (NL).

Here is the 256 HC base tower section of 7.95 tonnes mounted.

The crane was for a part put up on the road because the construction site was to small. The outrigger dimensions are 7.9 x 7.5 meters.

The three 256 HC tower sections, a 6.9 tonne lift.

It is the older 6-axle AC 200, further developed out of the AC 180. The crane has year of construction 2001. At the end of 2013 the crane was sold.

Fitted with 40 tonnes of counterweight.

Another 256 HC tower sections, a 4.6 tonne lift.

The tailswing is 5 meters.

The two hang-on slabs make the counterweight complete and weights than 64 tonnes.

The max. main boom length is 60 meters, extendable with a 20.5 meter jib. The succesor of the crane is the Terex AC 200-1 with a 68 meter main boom.

The slewing ring weights 10.1 tonnes. The tower crane is a Liebherr 245 EC-H.

The tower head with an 8 meter length weights 2.5 tonnes.

The transport of the tower crane parts was also done by J. Brouwer & Zn., also having a big transport fleet. Here the counter jib and counterweights are delivered.

This is a 9 tonne lift.

Then is started to assemble the jib on the closed part of the road.

The pendants are complete lay down on the mounted jib.

The jib with a 45 meter length is then lifted up...

... hung in front of the crane...

... and mounted! Done in 30 minutes.

The last lift for the Demag are the counterweight slabs for the tower crane.

As ballasttruck is this nice MAN 35.453 with 6-axle ballast trailer used.

As well the crane packed and ready to leave after a long day.

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