Kobelco has an history starting in 1905. Then Kobe Steel Ltd. was founded, which is still the mother firm. Since 1930 are the first Japanese machines built, mainly excavators. From 1955 are together with P&H cranes built. Meanwhile exists the production line out of crawler cranes, mobile (city) cranes and offshore cranes. The heaviest crane ever built is the SL13000, an 800 tonne crane. At the moment are about 530 people working by Kobelco and cranes are build up to 600 tonne in the workshop in Okubo (JP). Kobelco cranes are very well-known because they are very reliable and have not often malfunction.
Website: www.kobelco-cranes.com

Kobelco 7000-series

Kobelco BM-series

Kobelco CKE-series

Kobelco CKS-series

Kobelco RK-series

Kobelco SL-series

Kobelco TK-series

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