Kobelco 7045 - JPN

This Kobelco 7045 of JPN from Singapore (SG) is used on a shipyard as assist crane. It is a 45-tonne crawler crane.

The undercarriage of the crane is in working mode 5.4 x 4.3 meters, but the width can be reduced for the transport over the road to 3.3 meters. The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D15T diesel engine has a power of 114 kW (155 hp).

The crane is fitted with two hoist winches with each a line pull of 16 tonnes. This crane has both hoist winches in use.

The three-part counterweight has a total mass of 15.05 tonnes and has a 3.83 meter tailswing. The A-frame can be folded down for the transport over the road. In working mode is the A-frame about 5.12 meters tall.

Here is the crane fitted with a 24.38 meter main boom, the maximum length of the main boom is 48.77 meters.

The fixed jib has a 12.19 meter length and is mounted under a 30 degree angle to the main boom. Over the jib is is possible to lift 3.2 tonnes.

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