Kobelco 7120S - Keller

This sharp Kobelco 7120S of Keller from Singapore (SG) was used on a construction site in Singapore for vibro compaction for a new refinery. It is a 120-tonne crawler crane.

The undercarriage of the crane is 7.9 meters long and 6.31 meters wide. The tracks are each 0.91 meters wide.

The crawler crane is powered by a HINO P11C-VH, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 271 kW. The engine powers in total four hydraulic pumps.

Attached to the superstructure is 53.11 tonnes counterweight, the tailswing of the counterweight is 4.95 meters. Behind the counterweight is hanging is large power pack to power the tool hanging in the crane.

The A-frame has in working position a total height of 7.89 meters, for the transport over the road it can be folded down. The A-frame can also be used for the self-assembly of the counterweight.

The crane was fitted here with a 36.6 meter long main boom, the maximum length of the main boom is 61 meters.

In the crane is hanging a large vibrator that is used for soil compaction. The end of the long spear is vibrating, the tool will lower into the ground, which is compacted by the vibrating movements.

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