Kobelco 7065 - J.C. Ranzijn

The sharp Kobelco 7065 of J.C. Ranzijn from Warmenhuizen on a dredging project in Wieringermeer (NL).

The big ditches in the Wieringermeer (NL) are dredged by cable crane because the reaches of the excavators (from lang) is often to small. Today it is done from pontoon or by dredger.

A detail of the sharp Kobelco 7065 undercarriage. It is a 65 tonne crane with year of manufacture 1995.

The crane is 4.75 meters wide. The 18.5 tonne counterweight has a 4.4 meter tailswing.

A detail of the clamshell that is operated with two hoistwinches.

Some teeth are welded on the clamshell to grab the wooden plates from the cab and move them.

Incredible beautiful to see a crane use like this.

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