Kobelco 7150 - Van 't Hek

The largest crane that was used by Van 't Hek from Z.O. Beemster (NL) was this sharp Kobelco 7150, a 150-tonne crawler crane with year of manufacture 1997. The crane was mainly used for heavy sheet or tube piling with a vibrator. The crane was bought second hand from the United Kingdom.

The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D22-TC, a water cooled diesel engine with a power of 210 kW (285 hp). The crane is with two hoist winches with each 10.7 tonne line pull equipped.

The undercarriage is 8.155 meters long and 6.67 meters wide with the 1.07 meter wide track plates. Between the tracks is in total 20 tonnes of central counterweight installed.

The crane is fitted with 62.3 tonnes of counterweight, the upper slab in combination with the central counterweight give the crane an improved load chart in the 180-tonne class. The counterweight has a 6.04 meter tailswing. The A-Frame has a 7.81 meter height measured from the ground.

The crane was fitted here with a 57.91 meter long main boom. In this configuration can the crane lift maximum 40 tonnes on a 12 meter radius and 7 tonnes on a 50 meter radius. The maximum main boom length is 82.3 meters. Van 't Hek didn't own a fixed- or luffing jib with the crane.

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