Manitowoc 7000 - Sindorf

The rebuild Manitowoc 7000 of Sindorf fully assembled on their yard in 't Harde (NL).

Sindorf is trader in cranes, often Manitowoc cranes. They also own 4 of the 5 ever built Manitowoc 7000 cranes and hire them out worldwide.

It is a 350 US tons crane, not build for a max. lifting capacity but more for the work 'far away' and has a 800 US tons lifting chart. This type of crane is mostly used for lay down concrete blocks for dams. The crane can be used as ringer crane and as crawler crane.

The year of manufacture is 1981.

Two slabs are missing, then the counterweight is complete and weights 292.5 tonnes. The tailswing is 8.122 meters.

The undercarriage is 11.84 meters wide and 14.45 meters long and weights about 320 tonnes.

One track weights 96 tonnes.

The power pack is a Caterpillar 3412 DIT with 820 hp and is only used to relocate the crane.

The crane doesn't have a slewing ring but a big ring where the superstructure slews over using several rolls.

The ring has a 35' (11 meter) diameter and is split up in 4 parts during transport.

The booms are reinforced and recoated. The crane is put up with max. boom length; 275' (83.82 meters) of main boom with 100' (30.48 meters) of fixed jib.

Two hoist cables are used, one for the main boom and one for the jib. The max. line pull is about 27 tonnes.

A detail of the fixed jib.

As upperstructure engine also a Caterpiller 3412 DIT with 820 hp is used.

A very special type of crane that is maintained and used with love by Sindorf.

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