Manitowoc is a crane manufacturer from Wisconsin, USA. It was founded in 1902 as the Manitowoc Dry Dock Company. The name Manitowoc is based on the place where the company was founded, Manitowoc (Wisconsin, USA). In 1925 was together with Moore Speedcranes a 15 ton steam crane built with 4 four wheels. In 1969 the 4100W was introduced, a 220 ton crawler crane, a big succes. Still a lot of these cranes are working today. At this moment is Manitowoc building 16 different cranes, from 73 to 2300 tonnes. Manitowoc is also the inventor of the ringercranes and the towersystem. To the Manitowoc Crane Group belong Grove, Manitowoc, National Crane and Potain.

Manitowoc M65-W

Sindorf (NL)

Manitowoc M85-W

Sindorf (NL)

Manitowoc 222

Sindorf (NL)

Manitowoc 999

Sindorf (NL)

Manitowoc 2250

Heerema (NL)

Mammoet (NL)

Manitowoc 4100W

Lampson (US)

Manitowoc 4100W Ringer

Stemat (NL)

Manitowoc 7000

Sindorf (NL)

Manitowoc 8500

Multi Ways (SG)

Manitowoc 8500-1

Asiagroup (SG)

Asiagroup (SG)

Fuchi (SG)

Pollisum (SG)

Manitowoc 11000-1

Asiagroup (SG)

Manitowoc 12000

Antar (SG)

Manitowoc 18000

Adrichem (NL)

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