Spierings is a dutch manufacturer of mobile tower cranes on truck- and crawler chassis. It was founded in 1987 by Leo Spierings as a service company for mobile tower cranes of other manufacturers. The first Spierings crane is the 3 axle Spierings SK345-AT3, a 30 meter tower crane on 3 axles. About 30 of these cranes were produced. In 1993 is a 4 axle crane with a 38 meter jib introduced. In 1998 is a 5 axle crane with a 48 meter jib introduced. The largest mobile tower crane produced today is the 6 axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 with a 60 meter jib. Spierings is located in Oss (NL).
Website: www.spieringskranen.nl

Spierings SK345-AT3

Spierings SK365-AT3

Tieman (NL)

Spierings SK377-AT3

Spierings SK477-AT4

Spierings SK488-AT4


Mayer (DE)

Spierings SK498-AT4

Wiesbauer (DE)

Wundel (DE)

Spierings SK597-AT4

Spierings SK599-AT5

Saan (NL)

Schot (NL)

Tieman (NL)

Spierings SK1265-AT6

Kuiphuis (NL)

Spierings SK2400-AT7

Feldmann (CH)

Spierings SK2400-R

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