Hitachi KH300-3 GLS - BAM Grondtechniek

This sharp Hitachi KH300-3 GLS of BAM Grondtechniek from Amsterdam (NL) was used in Eemshaven (NL) to drive large tubular piles into the ground. These piles were vibrated into the ground by some other rig, the KH300-3 GLS will bring them to the correct depth.

The piling rig is made on a Hitachi KH300-3 crawler crane. The convertion to piling rig happened in the Netherlands, the abbrevation GLS stands for the three names of the inventors of this system.

In the leader is hanging an IHC S-200 hydraulic hammer. The hammer itself has a weight of 24.5 tonnes and has a 10 tonne ram weight. The hammer has a maximum impact of 200 kJ. Below the hammer is a silencer installed to reduce the noise for seals living around the area. The total mass of all tools hanging in the leader is approx. 50 tonnes.

The KH300-3 GLS is powered by an Isuzu 6RB-1 diesel engine with a power of 166 kW (225 hp).

The undercarriage is 6.3 meters long and 4.83 meters wide.

The leader has a maximum length of 50.2 meters. The piles are driven into the ground with a 7:1 inclination, the piles have a 1.72 meter diameter.

The IHC S-200 is powered by the external powerpack standing in front of the rig. The powerpack installed at the back of the rig is acting as a counterweight only.

Wonderful to see - and hear - this kind of heavy equipment in action!

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