Hitachi was founded in 1910 as store for electronic parts. In 1949 was the first earthmoving machine delivered, a mechanical shovel. The first crane was deloveped in 1971. That was the first hydraulic crawler crane with type KH150. The name KH should exist untill 1994, then the CX-series were built. De heaviest crane of the KH-series is the 200 tonne KH1000 and for the CX-series the CX2000, also a 200 tonne crane. Hitachi as word means sunset in Chinese.

Hitachi CX600 GLS

Vroom (NL)

Hitachi CX700 GLS

Hitachi CX900 GLS

Vroom (NL)

Hitachi CX1100 GLS

Vroom (NL)

Hitachi KH125-3 GLSK

Crescendo (NL)

Hitachi KH150-3 GLSK

Van 't Hek (NL)

Hitachi KH230-3 GLS

Heijmans (NL)

Hitachi KH300-3 GLS


Vroom (NL)

Hitachi PD100


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