Hitachi CX600 GLS - Vroom

This sharp Hitachi CX600 GLS of Vroom from Oosthuizen (NL) stood on a construction site in Oostzaan (NL) to drive piles for a new building.

The GLS-piling rig is built on the base machine of a Hitachi crawler crane. The sliding table, the large A-frame and the leader were made in the Netherlands.

Because the engine in the base machine is to small to power the hydraulic impact hammer in the leader, is an additional IHC power pack used that is installed at the rear.

The undercarriage of the piling rig is 5.93 meters long and 4.79 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the breadth of the undercarriage adjustable to 3.2 meters.

The base machine is powered by a Hino H07C-T, a diesel engine with a power of 132.4 kW (180 hp).

For the transport over the road is is possible to fold down the A-frame to reduce the transport height.

In the leader is hanging an IHC S-70 hydraulic impact hammer. The hammer has a length of approx. 7 meters and weights about 8.5 tonnes. The ram weight is 3.5 tonnes.

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