Hitachi CX1100 GLS - Vroom

One of the largest piling rigs that Vroom from Oosthuizen (NL) is operating is this sharp Hitachi CX1100 GLS. This piling rig was purchased in 2007 from the company Nederveen.

For the piling rig was the base machine of a Hitachi CX1100 used. From the factory was only a CX1100 base machine purchased, the conversion to GLS piling rig was done in the Netherlands. The piling rig has a mass of approx. 180 tonnes.

The base machine is powered by an Isuzu 6RB1T with a power of 221 kW (300 hp). The IHC power pack at the back is to supply oil to the IHC hydraulic hammer in the leader.

The undercarriage is 6.19 meters wide and 8.07 meters long.

With this piling rig is it possible to drive vibro piles with a 46 meter length or to drive precase concrete piles to a length of 37 meters into the ground.

The tracks must be removed for the transport over the road. They are each 8.07 meters long, 0.94 meters wide and 1.27 meters tall. The mass each is 15 tonnes.

The base machine has during the transport a mass of approx. 80 tonnes.

In the leader is hanging an IHC S-90 hydraulic hammer. The hammer has a mass of approx. 10 tonnes and a plunjer that weights 4.5 tonnes.

Below the hammer is hanging a silencer.

The leader has a maximum length of 56 meters. The leader must be erected or lowered with assistance of a mobile crane once the length is exceeding 44 meters.

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