Hitachi KH230-3 GLS - Heijmans

A Hitachi KH230-3 GLS of Heijmans on a construction site in Heerhugowaard (NL). It is a piling rig based on a 60 tonne crawler crane.

This piling rig has an operation weight of about 120 tonnes and can be used for vibro- and precast concrete piles.

Because the piles were driven by diesel hammer on this job the table at the back is not neccessary, on this table is a large power pack stored when the piles are driven by hydro hammer.

The undercarriage is 4.5 meters wide and 5.72 meters long. During transport over the road the tracks can be retrackted to a 3.5 meter breadth.

The rig is powered by an HINO EM100 diesel engine with 150 hp.

In the meantime is this rig in the Netherlands not in operation anymore.

A detail of the sliding table with the additional winches and sheaves inside.

The tube leader is also very good useable for drilling operations.

In the leader is hanging a Delmag D 55 diesel hammer. This hammer has a selfweight of about 12 tonnes and a piston of 5.5 tonnes. Below the hammer is an adaptor mounted to drive the piles below the ground level.

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