Hitachi KH125-3 GLSK - Crescendo

Training center Crescendo from Hoorn (NL) offers various trainings for the use and operation of cranes and foundation rigs. This sharp Hitachi KH125-3 GLSK was standing on Van 't Hek's yard in Beemster (NL) where the practise trainings for foundation rigs are carried out.

It is a foundation rig based on a Hitachi KH125-3 crawler crane. Big differnce between a GLS and a GLSK is that the adjustment cylinders are directly attached to the base rig and not with an Aframe.

This foundation rig has a 55.6 tonne weight.

The base machine is powered by a 150 hp HINO engine.

The leader can be adjusted 3:1 forwards and 1:1 backwards. Outriggers on the rear take care of extra stability.

The leader has a 24 meter length, the max. pile length is about 18 meters.

In the leader is hanging a Delmag D46-32 diesel hammer. The hammer has a total weight of 8.9 tonnes and a plunjer weight of 4.6 tonnes.

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