MAN TGX 41.680 - Bohnet

A sharp MAN TGX 41.680 of Bohnet from Kirchdorf (DE) stood parked with a load in the same village at the Liebherr factory with a Liebherr A 944 C-HD on an 8 axle low loader.

The truck is a MAN TGX 41.680. It is a 4 axle truck powered by a 16.2 liter V8 diesel engine MAN D2863 with 680 hp.

Bohnet owned in total 16 of these TGX 41.680, in the meantime a large part is replaced by newer MAN TGX 41.640 trucks. Most of the TGX 41.680 were almost optically identical.

Behind the cabin are a large 900 liter diesel tank, a 300 liter hydraulic oiltank, airbarrels and a large cooler for the hydraulic oil made. A WSK 440 torque converter is used. Between the first two axles are the mufler and a storage box made.

The Liebherr A 944 C-HD has destination Russia. The material handler is 13.55 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 4.25 meters high. The transport weight is 53.4 tonnes.

Behind the front axle are the AdBlue tank and the battery installed.

Coupled to the truck is a heavy Goldhofer lowloader existing out of a gooseneck, 3 axle lines, bed and 5 axle lines. The axle lines are type THP/UT.

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