Bauer BG 28 H - i+R Spezialtiefbau

This sharp Bauer BG 28 H of i+R Spezialtiefbau from Lauterach (AT) stood on a large job site in St. Margrethen (CH) to drill piles for a new building. i+R Spezialtiefbau is deploying multiple of these type drilling rigs.

It is a drilling rig with year of manufacture 2018 with an operation mass of 85 tonnes.

The drilling rig is powered by a CAT C13 with a power of 354 kW.

The undercarriage is 5.43 meters long and 4.38 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the width to be reduced to 2.98 meters.

The BG 28 H can be used with differnt tools in the leader. Here is the rig drilling with an auger, the drilled hole is directly filled with concrete.

Attached to the leader feet are three winches. It is a pull-up and down winch, the hoist winch and an auxilairy winch.

Here is the drilling rig fitted with 24.5 tonnes of counterweight, the counterweight has a 4.3 meter tailswing.

The leader has a maximum height of 22.16 meters and a working length of approx. 18.5 meters. An extension piece of 3 meters can be included in the leader for more height.

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