Liebherr was founded by Mr. Hans Liebherr (1915 - 1993) in 1949 in Kirchdorf (DE). After the second world war he developed a tower crane that was easy to transport and to put up. The question for these cranes was growing fast, the company also. Since 1954 he built also hydraulic excavators, followed by fridges, shovels, mobile cranes and concrete mixers. In 1958 about 2,400 people are working by Liebherr and the turnover is about 40 million Euros. Because of many take overs the company grows faster, in employees and turnover. In 1968 are almost 6,000 employees working in Liebherr and the turnover is about 200 million Euro. On the 7th of octobre of 1993 the founder died, the second generation Liebherr takes over the business.

Liebherr 312

Potveer (NL)

Liebherr LB 16


Kurt Motz (DE)

Liebherr LB 24

Kurt Motz (DE)

Liebherr LB 28

Kurt Motz (DE)

Kurt Motz (DE)

Züblin (DE)

Liebherr LB 36

Max Bögl (DE)

Liebherr LRB 125

Kurt Motz (DE)

Liebherr LRB 355

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